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TitleCitationAuthor(s)TypeIssue Date
The biosynthesis of rubber in Hevea brasiliensis-Faridah Yusof; Chow, K. S.Book2003
Penuaian lateksTeknologi perladangan & pemprosesan getah, p. 261-328-Book Section2009
Laporan tahunan Institut Penyelidikan Getah Malaysia 1993-Institut Penyelidikan Getah MalaysiaBook1993
Estimation of pollen dispersal distances in Hevea brasiliensis by esterase isoenzyme markers[Programme and abstract of the Fourth National Seminar on Biotechnology], Institut Penyelidikan Getah Malaysia (Malaysia): Selangor (Malaysia), 25-26 Nov 1992, p. 73-74Yeang, H.Y.; Chevallier, M.H. (Rubber Research Inst. of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia))Proceedings Paper1992
Genetic transformation of Hevea brasiliensis-Hafsah Jaafar; Arokiaraj, P.; Yeang H. Y.Book2004
Charcoal and briquettes from rubberwood [Hevea brasiliensis]Rubberwood processing and utilisation, p. 209-225Hoi, W.K.Book Section1999
Cement-bonded particleboard from rubberwood [Hevea brasiliensis]Rubberwood processing and utilisation, p. 195-202Rahim SudinBook Section1999
Pembangunan klon getahTeknologi perladangan & pemprosesan getah, p. 35-82-Book Section2009
Competitive effects of weeds on young rubberPlant protection in the tropics: proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Plant Protection in the Tropics: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1994, p. 195-197Chee, Y.K. (Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia))Proceedings Paper1994
Penanaman getah dan amalan agronomiTeknologi perladangan & pemprosesan getah, p. 137-152-Book Section2009

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